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About WYL

Fun campus life, warm family

Living a comfortable life and going to the WYL family full of novelty and enthusiasm, is not only about the course, but also you will experience various cultures , open up international perspectives, and make friends from all over the world!​

More Details

School Name






WYL International Language School

Cebu, Philippines


120 People


MTM Classroom, Group Classroom, Lecture room, Gym, Yoga room, Dining area, Self study room, Student lounge area, Coffee shop, High speed wifi

Global Scene

Thousands of students from all over the world come to Cebu to study English. You will meet students from other countries and the opportunity to practice and learn while having fun!

English Immersion

All Filipinos are fluent in English and by living in Cebu City you will meet friendly locals and practice your English as much as you like!

Fun Activities

You will not be bored in Cebu! There are many fun activities you can enjoy for free or a very low cost. We regularly arrange trips to different destinations outside the city.

Guaranteed Quality

High level of student satisfaction! More than 97% of our students recommend WYL Education programs to their family and friends. Our TESDA accredited school ensure a superior learning environment with highly qualified instructors ensuring an excellent student experience.

Why the Philippines?

Your knowledge is

the way to your success

Learn from some of the best teachers in the industry at WYL International Language School. Immerse yourself in Western culture, soak up new information every day and practice your English with classmates during and after school.

6 reasons to Study English with us



No other place in the world can you get the high quality at the low cost we offer. All our teachers are University Educated and are all experienced ESL teachers.


Living Expenses

Depending on your home country most things in the Philippines are usually about 2-5 times cheaper.


Best Location

Our school is located in Kamputhaw which is in the Center of Cebu City. Ayala mall is a short 8 minutes walk from the school.


Tropical Paradise

Cebu is a real tropical paradise with hundreds of beautiful beaches, jungle rain forrests and waterfalls.


More Fun

Filipinos are known for always being happy and fun loving. You will have a blast hanging out with new friends from near and far.


Exciting Foods

The Philippine Cuisine is a real mixture of Polynesian, Spanish and Malay. If you love pork this is definitely the place to come.

Class type

WYL Courses

1 on 1

Vocabulary, grammar, listening, reading, writing, idioms...

Pronunciation, grammar, speech, debate, listening...

Grammar, listening, situational simulation (role play, debate, singing)

We will help you to understand the world

Develop your speaking, writing, listening and reading skills with our General English Programs, set yourself up for success on your IELTS or TOEIC exam with our Test Preparation Programs.

Our English programs will build a strong foundation for your future,
with all academic levels from beginner to complete fluency.

Students Feedback



Share the amazing I came to the Philippines to study, on the one hand to increase my English skills, on the other hand I can travel in Cebu. The school I am attending is WYL. The school's classes are well arranged. The teacher's interaction during the class is also very interesting. customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.



Talking to my teachers, they’re friendly, kind and they teach in their full potential.

Thank for giving us a good learning environment. Thank all the teachers for their teaching. Thank all the staff here for their friendly. Thank you for meeting all my classmates here. I’m gonna miss you guys.



I study in WYL for one month. First I am glad that I go to study in WYL. The teachers are very good and kind. They have different teaching style. They have a purpose “Do my best, Use heart to teach every student, Treat everyone seriously.” The school’s system is perfect, Because the leader of WYL plan every thing properly. They really do well.